Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good Chefs?
Good Chefs is a marketplace where you can order healthy meals and comfort food from home cooks and aspiring chefs. Chefs cook meals in their home or in commercial kitchens. You can then browse through available meals on Good Chefs, select the meals you want, and pre-order. Our delivery drivers will then pick up the meal on the date and time you choose and deliver it straight to your door.

How is ordering from Good Chefs different or better than other services?
Good Chefs is similar to other food delivery services where you can order food delivered to your home. The main difference with Good Chefs is that you order from individuals who cook at home or from chefs that have their own business, as opposed to ordering from a restaurant. Chefs on Good Chefs are passionate about their food and tend to cook their meals with the same care that they would cook for their family and friends.

Often, you can get more authentic home-cooked meals and more variety from home chefs, as chefs are often more easily able to change up their menus. And because it’s home cooked food, meals tend to be less greasy and salty than traditional food you order.

How do I know the food is safe to eat?
Chefs must meet local food safety and handling requirements in order to join Good Chefs. When chefs sign up, they must certify that they have satisfied local food safety and handling requirements. 

If you experience issues with your food or have any concerns, please contact contact

Do I have to pick up my meal or do you deliver?
We deliver. For most of the chefs on Good Chefs, you will pre-select a delivery date and time and one of our designated drivers will deliver your meal straight to your door. Upon check out, you will see a delivery fee, usually around $3.99 per order, added to your bill. 
In cases where chefs allow pickup, you will see this in the dish detail page or upon check out. Most dish offerings are for delivery though.

Why are some meals only available on certain days of the week?
Chefs on Good Chefs have the flexibility to cook on their own schedule. Some are able to focus on cooking one or two days a week, while others have more availability. This is why you may see limited availability on some dishes. 

What happens if I am not satisfied with my meal?
If you are not fully satisfied with your meal, contact and we will work to make it right.

How do you find chefs?
We seek out chefs who offer proven meals that mainly fall into the good and healthy category. We sometimes add comfort food as well. The chefs on our platform have either been referred to us or they’ve applied to join Good Chefs and we’ve interviewed them. In all cases, someone on our team has tried the food and vouched for the quality of the meal.

I’d like to be a chef on Good Chefs or know someone who would be interested in joining.
If you’d like to join Good Chefs as a chef or know someone who is a great cook, please visit our Chef Signup page.